Don't buy illegal spinners!

American Tru-Spinners is in the process of legal actions to rid the market of all illegal and pirated spinners that are being illegally sold. A tremendous amount of illegally pirated junk spinners are out into the market place now that were produced only and simply to make money, with no regards for you, the public.

Since American Tru-Spinners is the name that has become synonymous with free-spinning spinners, we receive an unbelievable amount of email from people who have already bought some of these illegally pirated junk spinners. We have heard of spinners being sold that don’t spin, have chrome that begins peeling off within 36 hours of installation, and have bearings blowing out in as little as 30 days - and they were sold with no warranty.

American Tru-Spinners have documented spin tests of over 7 minutes and prototypes with over 200,000 miles on them. Ask about our “Lifetime Warrantees”.

So when purchasing spinners, buy Tru-Spinners from one of our licensed legal manufacturers, remember that they are the best spinners in existence and we are proud to be rated Number 1 by the Wheel Spinners Buyers Guide. Look for our Dealer Licensed logos.