Tru-Spinners - "The Original One That Started It All" - Since 1994.
Patented and Multiple Patents Pending U.S. / Foreign.

Welcome to American TRU Spinners! The worlds original and home of the longest spinning wheel spinner in existence! Documented TRU Spinners tests produced over 18 minutes spin time and TRU Spinners that spins in 27 different various modes! The Founder and Inventor of the original TRU Spinner is J.D. Gragg from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and as the story goes, in the late 1980’s J.D. was working a hybrid concept vehicle when another concept was born, TRU Spinners, so after prototyping and patenting process started, it was soon awarded the first U.S. Patent in the mid 1990's with Foreign Patents to follow. TRU Spinners back then were on only a very limited few “Custom and Concept Cars”, this is where others within the wheel industry saw the concept and then proceeded to pirate the technology. Then in just a few years the illegal pirating just simply exploded in what was described as the "Great American Spinner Wars". This has been evaluated by many legal minds and professors of law to be one of the most enormous cases of patent infringement in U.S. legal history. TRU Spinners then assembled a Legal Team and the legal enforcement began and it was a huge undertaking, but TRU Spinners perseverance came through and in 2007, TRU Spinners prevailed in the United States Federal Courts against several Defendants, East and West Coast. Now, TRU Spinners was not surprised that illegal pirating too place, it was the massive scale that occurred that was surprising, but not to some as TRU Spinners was considered to be one of the "Hottest" products of the new millennium and sold into the multi-millions.

During all this J.D. continues to create, invent and prototype, his creative thinking has been considered so far “outside the box” that his concepts from the 1980’s took till the new Millennium to be fully appreciated as can be documented by the phenomena his free-spinning wheel enhancers have created today. As he continues to create new and inventive designs in over a dozen fields he now has over 80 inventions in holographics, golf, aeronautical, nautical equipment, air purification, tools, medical equipment, fasteners, musical instruments and more.

TRU Spinners also produces Double and Triple spinners are available along with integral wheels, variable-fit 24k Gold .357 Magnums(18 to 26 inch) spinners, high-rev tuners and spinners for the classics. So when you see a legally Authorized Licensed TRU Spinner Manufacturer/Dealer, you know you are not only buying the original but you are also buying absolutely the best free-spinning product in existence, TRU Spinners!