Tru-Spinners - The Original Spinning Wheels

Email questions answered:

Q; Didn’t Spreewell and Davin invent wheel spinners?

A; No! Tru-Spinners invented the Free-Spinning Wheel Spinners and that was over 10 years ago. 1.25 MILLION patents before Davin.

Q; How does Davin claim to be the first?

A; People can claim to be anything. Henry Seemore of Davin Wheels knew about Tru-Spinners years ago, so they do actually know, regardless of their acknowledgment in public.

Q; Is it true that you guys are cracking down on the illegal pirating?

A; YES!!! It has taken several years to assemble the Legal Team for American Tru-Spinners. Legal work has progressed and the preliminaries are finally complete with legal fees approaching upwards of one-million dollars, but 2005 is it.

Q; What about other spinner patent claims?

A; Some are false! Any others are being investigated, researched and studied by some of the strongest Intellectual Property Attorneys in the United States as they feel our patents have been circumvented by them. We will try to keep you informed as the investigation and legal team progresses.

Q; I read in Tire Review that the Tru-Spinner patent infringement was starting now. But I heard something about last year too. Whats the deal then?

A; Both items you mentioned are true. The American Tru-Spinner Legal Team has started the legal procedures. The deal last year was American Tru-Spinners first out-of-court settlement with a spinner company in the state Georgia. As a part of the confidentiality arrangement, we cannot release their name.

Read the Specific Language of the ‘094 Patent;
Tru-Spinners ‘094 patent; “the present invention is well adapted to carry out the objects and attain the ends and advantages mentioned above, as well as those inherent therein. While presently preferred embodiments have been described for purposes of this disclosure, numerous changes and modifications will be apparent to those skilled in the art. Such changes and modification are encompassed with in the spirit of this invention as defined by the appended claims. ( Our italics and bold font )
( Patent Number 5,290,094. Date of Patent: March 1, 1994 )
Discription; A wheel accessory, the “Free-Spinning Wheel Enhancing Accessory” that mounts even without a wheel!
*Note: This product is a wheel accessory that may be sold separately or with wheels.
Summary; Wholesalers, distributors, dealers one and all, may legally purchase free-spinning wheel accessories from a licensed Tru-Spinner manufacturer and you may legally buy and sell them with wheels!
Legal Notice; Theft of Tru-Spinners Patented Intellectual Property has exploded and legal actions are now being implemented and enforced. The industry is now being put on notice and our legal teams are pursuing all unlicensed manufacturers, distributors and dealers to stop the illegal pirating of our patented “intellectual property” at this time. Tru-Spinners legal teams are taking vigorous case by case legal actions against all infringing manufacturers, and those who assist with selling of any pirated products will be rigorously sought. Any attempt to assist the act of “market dumping” of existing stock will also be construed as a criminal act and will be prosecuted vigorously.