About Tru-Spinners

The inventor and founder of Tru-Spinners, J.D.Gragg, was working on hybrid concept vehicles when the idea was born, and that was back in the late 1980’s. In the early 1990’s, when it was awarded its first U.S. Patent, Tru-Spinners were on only a limited few “Custom and Concept Cars”.

J.D.Graggs' creative thinking has been considered so far “outside the box” that his concepts from the 1980’s took till the new Millennium to be fully appreciated, as you can see by the phenomena his free-spinning wheel enhancers have created today. He has always continued to create new and inventive designs. He has over 30 inventions and 17 patent filings to complete from holographics, golf, musical instruments, nautical equipment, air purification, tools, medical equipment and even more exciting auto related products.

Putting quality first, having over seven years of Research & Development into the bearings thus producing some of the longest spin times ever recorded. Some documented spin tests produced motion times of 7 minutes & 28 seconds and Tru-Spinners still has prototypes with over 200,000 miles on them. Anyone can put a bearing on a spinner as you can tell by some of the pirated, ill-designed junk, that has been circulated illegally out into the market place however, controlling spin ratios forwards, reverse, etc. and making spinners that will last a lifetime is another story. This is why Tru-Spinners intentionally mislabel their bearings as to prevent further theft of their “intellectual property”.

So when you see a legally Authorized Licensed Tru-Spinner Manufacturer/Dealer, you know you are not only buying the original but you are also buying absolutely the best free-spinning product in existence, Tru-Spinners!